About him

Febronio "Ñoño" Barriga Gordorritúa is a character in El Chavo. He lives alone with his father, Mr. Barriga, because his mother is a lady who is always business abroad: Spain. Most of the time is spent thinking about food or eating, it also has a toy soldier named Sergeant Pepe. He is the boyfriend of the Popis. Often dressed in coveralls that are characterized by bright colors, combined with collared shirts lace ending in green type therefore, where most of the time looks a bun, which stands out for its size, is to accompany her dress with white shoes, like his socks.

In the game

He came to Chavo's beverage buisness where he was challanged, that he wouldn't make 10 jumps over a rope. The chubby boy then drank some cups of Chavo's beverages.



  • The challange was because Chavo wanted to have extra money and because Nono wasn't thirsty at the beggining.
  • He was then seen in the end with all the other characters having a feast.