About it

Amy Wong, Ph.D. is a character on the show Futurama. She has black hair, wears pink hood jacket and trousers and purple-grey shoes.

In the game

In Fry's game, she told Fry that a friend of her's invited her to a fashion show, but she didn't had clothes for that occasion. Fry then gave her some wam clothes, and she was more happy.



  • In Fry's game, she was the same as in the series.
  • The clothes, that Fry gave to her were, a purple hat, a long coat, and a pink scarf.
  • When Fry asked her if she has some objects for him, she said that she has two walkie talkies, for communication between 2 people.
  • After she gave them to him, she heads to the doors where she wasn't seen anymore.