About him

The Apache Indians came from the Alaskan region, Canada, and portions of the American Southwest. The Apaches were typically nomadic, meaning they traveled around, never quite settling in one place. They mostly survived by eating Buffalo meat, and using their hides as protective clothing.

In the game

In Crazy Zoo, he was seen near the painter. Cody then gaved him his hat back, when the apache gaved him his tomahawk.



  • In Crazy Zoo, he had yellow eyes, black braid hair, a blue medalion, holding a tomahawk, yellow trausers and light brown shoes.
  • He was sad, because he didn't had his hat, but was then happy when he got it.
  • He gave Cody his tomahawk for using to get the clouds away from the sun.
  • Cody also had to dance an indian dance in order that the clouds would go away.
  • He was differenter then in the saw games.