About him

Botija is a character in El Chavo series.

In the game

Botija was seen in the house where he was with Chimoltrufia and Chompiras. After Chompiras was joking around on Botijas, the big man came to him, takes off his pal's hat and asked if he would hold it, then he picked out his comb and combed Chomiras's hair when he smacked the little guy with his right hand.

In the second part, Chompiras made another joke on him, and Botija made the same moves as he made in the beggining, but when he wanted to slap his pal, he hit the helmet and had a more bigger hand that was awfully hurting him. After then he went out of the room, with his painfull hand.



  • Botija doesn't likes to be joked around, even more from Chompiras.
  • He was seen with a blue hat, a light grey shirt, blue pants and black shoes.
  • When Botija had his hand in pain, he said, that it wasn't as he planed and that he needs to look for some ice.
  • His painful hand was pumping as a heart beat.