Gender Male
Home Chómpiras's home
Relatives Unknown
Enemies None
Seen in games 1 time

About him

Chómpiras is the character in El Chavo series.

In the game

In the game he was in the house with Chimoltrufia and Botija. After he joked about Botijas, the big guy came to him, put his hat down, comb his hair and then Botijas smacked him on his face till he was swirling around many times and stops.

As in the next part, Chavo gave him a helmet that would protect him from Botija's slaps. He wanted to give it a try, and when he joked on Botija's again, Botija made the same moves as he did at the beggining. But when Botija wanted to smack the little guy, he quickly put on his newly helmet and was saved from the slap.



  • After Botija combed his pal's hair, he had his hair like a gentelman, but after Botija smacked him, Chompiras's hair went back as they were in the beggining.
  • When he stopped swirling around and putting his hat on again, he said, that he would wish for something that Botija's slaps wouldn't hurt.
  • Chompiras was wearing a light blue hat, suit, a blue white shirt, blue pants and dark red shoes.
  • After he was saved from the slap, Chompiras was happy and said it was effective.

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