Chavo has to get his Giant Sanwich.


Hero: Chavo

Villains: Dog

Others: Cat, the red grasshopper, Chimoltrufia, Botija, Chompiras, doctor Chapatin, the nurse, Chaparron, Lucas, Mr. Prudencio, neigboor in the 14th door, Quico, Paty, Peluchin (dog), the neigboor of the 71th door (Witch), a man, the man in the 72th door, Chilindrina, Popis, the lady in the 42th door, a fruit seller, Gonzalo Rosano (frrom the 16th doors), Jaimito, professor Jirafales, Nono, a poor boy, baker


  • The red grasshopper was also seen in one of Obama's games.
  • The dog shrinked because of the shrinking pill.
  • Batija punched/spinned Chompiras, because he made a joke on Batija's.
  • People in this village are very funny.
  • There were 3 sellers - but one was the baker.
  • Quico was seen in one of Obama's game.
  • Chavo always ran into trouble.
  • Chavo got a kiss from Paty and fell down.
  • Chavo had to dance the indian dance in order that he has water in his buckets.
  • Gonzalo was the winner of the Inka Christmas game.
  • Chavo made his own juice stand (from fresh fruit) to earn some money.
  • After Chavo got the sandwich, he couldn't eat it - because of the poor boy - so he gaved it to him.
  • In the end Chavo was invited on a dinner by Mr. Barriga and all of the other characters were there too.
  • Chavo has realized (in the end) that how nice it feels to give away something that is important to you.
Chavo and the Giant Sandwich Walkthrough23:39

Chavo and the Giant Sandwich Walkthrough

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