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The chicken is a type of domesticated fowl, a subspecies of the red junglefowl. It is one of the most common and widespread domestic animals. Humans keep chickens primarily as a source of food, consuming both their meat and their eggs.

In the game

In Crazy Tale, the chicken was on the massive table of the giant.

Obama had to use a hooked rope to climb on the table, and go around the bread. If he would go through it, it would make noise to wake up the giant.

Obama had to close the hen den's window and doors, when the chicken was placed to the straw bed, so it could sleep. It took 5 seconds before the chicken fell asleep, but when light appear, the chicken made an golden egg.

In German 's game, it was defeated when it was glued to it's nest.

When German tossed the worm from the doors, the chicken opened its eyes and turns his face, so its eyes could see right, and went from it's nest to grab the worm. There also could be heared a wistle as the chicken ate the worm, and unknown for it, Juan poured the glue in the nest when it was not looking. After coming back to the nest, it sits in it, and then starts to struggle, wanting to get out from the trap, but couldn't move.



  • In Crazy Tale, the chicken had a red crest, light brown neck and wings, and a white body.
  • The hen den was all wooden, it also had a golden label of instructions, a light blue roof and a rectangle water suply.
  • The part of the Fairy Tale was from: Jack and the Beanstalk.

  • In German's game, it was in a very large size. It had a red cap, light brown face with brown eyes, orange beek, pale yellow under body and brown thin legs.
  • In the room there was only a net.

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