About her

She is a character in El Chavo. She is a poor lady that doesn't sleeps very well.

In the game

Chilmoltrufia was in her house with Botija and Chompiras. After Chavo came to her and asked her a fue questions, she mentioned Satan in one of her words, that made Chavo slowly going into his trans. As she sees him being in that position, she went to the other side of the room and brought a glass of water that she spilled on Chavo's face, so that he would wake up.

In another part, Chavo came back to Chilmotrufia and brings her a pair of ear muffs that she could sleep at night.



  • She lives in a part almost destroyed house.
  • She left the empty glass on the table, under the pipe where some drops of water would come out.
  • In the game she is wearing a brown dress with yellow dots on it and has a light yellow apron around her hips. She also has red-green sock and blue shoes.
  • Chavo threw a cork into the pipe, where the drops of water would come out, and then he takes the bucket.
  • She was very glad of Chavo bringing her the ear muffs. When she smiled, we could see that she hadn't had one tooth.