Game description

Cody has to solve a nother mystery at Halloween.


Hero: Cody

Victims: A kid

Villains: Chucky, a witch, woman (later transformed into a gorila), Annabella, a werewolf, a ghost, an evil clown, Slenderman

Others: A salesman, the man that is a werewolf (before transformation)


  • There were three transformations in the game:
    • The man behind the cage is a werewolf (if the player didn't done correctly)
    • The woman in the cage is a gorila
    • The kids in the end were werewolfs
  • Chucky was in this game a bit realistic (shown) as in his movies.
Cody Halloween Rescue Walkthrough06:35

Cody Halloween Rescue Walkthrough

Link of the gamer: Adelie Land Games  
Previous game:
Rigby Saw Game
Next game:
Maggie Saw Game

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