Cody Jones has to help the Easter Bunny with his easter eggs.


Hero: Cody Jones

Villains: An evil Oreo, two evil workers on the bridge, an evil cupcake, an evil donut, two evil M&Ms (a red one and a yellow one), an evil chocolate, an evil jelly, a guard, an evil gingerbread man, Billy Wonka

Others: The Cookie Monster, Homer Simpson, Wilber Jesus Melendez Francisco, Eduardo Santos Melendez Francisco, Easter Bunny


  • Willy Wonka's factory was shown once in one of Obama's game. The factory in this game, is very different than from the other game.
  • In the game there were two characters (cousins) as they won the Inka game contest for videos.
  • Wilber could mix up the chemistry potions, as Eduardo could do anything from wood.
  • Billy is very different than his brother Willy Wonka.
  • The game had a song to go with.
Cody Jones and the Chocolate Factory Walkthrough06:42

Cody Jones and the Chocolate Factory Walkthrough

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