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Coraline (2)
Some attributes
First Female
Second She lives in
Third Her relationships are: her mother, father
Other attributes
Fourth The enemies are:
Fifth She was seen

About her Edit

Coraline Jones is the main character from the movie of the same name. She is 8 years old and likes to go on adventures.

In the game Edit

Coraline is actually playable in the demo version of the Inkagame, but it is not yet released.

Her associated game is the first to be fully based on the original inspiration.


- Coraline and the Secret Door (Debut and Playable) 


  • The first date was in ......... , then the moderators (in FB-facebook) declared of some techical ishues and said that it will be released in ............, then the third date was in ....... 
  • The game, Caroline and the Secret Door, is one of the longest waited games, Inkagames has - because it still doesn't has a date.
  • The fans of Inkagames are very disapointed and mad about the dates of the game.

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