Coraline will open a mysterious secret door, help her in this adventure.


Hero: Coraline

Villains: Other Mother, an evil tree

Others: Ms. Jones, Mr. Jones, Wybie, Angi Delgado, Mr. Bobinsky, a mailman, April Spink, Other father, Other Angi, the black cat, an old man, Other April, Other Miriam, Miriam Forcible, three ghosts, Other Mr. Bobinsky, Other Wybie, hamster, Other hamster


  • The first preview for Coraline And The Secret Door was moderately different compared to the final game.
    • The rooms the player could explore were altered in both appearance and slightly in coordination.
      • This alteration was first seen in the second preview, which is virtually a simpler, demo version of the final game.
  • The game bears the exact same story as the animated movie
  • This is one of the longest games the Inkagames team have ever made.
  • The characters in the game are the same as in the movie.
    • The only exception to this is Angi Delgado, who was included after having won a contest (see below)
  • There is also the appearance of an "Other Angi Delgado", true to the concept of the original movie in which there was an "Other" for each character.
  • The next Inkagame winner is Angi Delgado. It was a meme contest.
Coraline and the Secret Door Full walkthrough complete01:02:22

Coraline and the Secret Door Full walkthrough complete

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