Game description

Help Courage escape from the evil game of the twisted puppet.


Hero: Courage

Kidnapped: Muriel, Eustace

Villains: Fred, Le Quack, Box Demon, evil shadow, Space Chicken, spider, Katz, Alien Duck, Cajun Fox, King Ramses, Pigsaw

Others: Vicky Juarez, an archaeologist, Shirley, the giant from the gas station, computer


  • Vicky Juarez is an Argentinan girl who won the contest, for the best made characters (of Inkagames) just from clay.
  • In the game, there were many rooms, then we could see in the Courage the cowardly dog show.
As the villains, that were in the game, were (mostly) all from the show.
Courage Saw Game Walkthrough12:30

Courage Saw Game Walkthrough

Link of the creator of the video: AllGamesWorldHd
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