About it

In medieval times, crows were thought to live abnormally long lives. They were also thought to be monogamous throughout their long lives. They were thought to predict the future, to predict rain and reveal ambushes. Crows were also thought to lead flocks of storks while they crossed the sea to Asia. Corvus species are all black or black with little white or grey plumage. They are stout with strong bills and legs. 

In the game

In Cody's Crazy Halloween game, it was seen on the edge of the rooftop, he was the lured down with one corn and was captured in a net. In the second time, he was shown in a room where he eat a half of the pumpkin head after it flown away.

In Crazy Zoo he was sleeping on a high rood, when he woke up because of the parrot. Then he sang a song when Cody was playing on the piano.



  • In Crazy Halloween the crow made a quick swirl around the pumpkin's head to show that it ate it.

  • In Crazy Zoo, the crow had blond stylish hair, a white butterfly tie and a blue jacket.
  • In his mouth he had a chocolate.
  • Cody had to press the right tipes in order that the music from the piano would be heared.
  • The crow was then sad, because he lost his chocolate.

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