Doña Cleotilde
Dona Cleo

Gender Female
Home Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Enemies None
Seen in games 1 time

About her

Cleotilde is a good woman who cares to look good in everyone (especially in Don Ramon). She have a nickname like Witch 71. She is madly in love with Don Ramon. Always wears a blue or pink hat with style sheets of 50s, a blue dress and flat black shoes. Below the hat can be noticed his gray hair, an artificial appearance.

In the game

She was first seen, when she was coming in the alley and saw Quico and Chavo outside, when Chavo warned his friend, that the Witch is coming. She was asking who is this witch they were talking about and then leaves to her house.

In the second part, Chavo came into Mrs. Cleotilde's house as he asks, if he can do something for her. He had to bring her a full bottle of milk in order to get some money from her. As Chavo came back and gave her a half bottle of milk, he had to explain why he drank the other half, but he also got some money.



  • After getting back to the Dona from the store, Chavo sipped half of the milk, because he was thirsty.
  • She was then seen in the end, where all the characters came to a Christmas feast.

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