About him

The Doctor is a character in El Chavo series, and is an elderly doctor and a little crazy and forgetful. He has grey hair and mustache, wears elderly glasses on his nose. He wears a red scarf, a brown jacket, grey pants and black shoes.

In the game

The doctor was in the beggining of the game in his room with a pacion and the nurse. He was giving some pointmens to his pacient, that went out with a sad face. The next thing, his telephone wring and he made the call. As he went to the shelf that had a book and a bowling ball, he taps at the book and also the ball, that it was then rolling down the shelf and landed on the doctors head, making him forgeting all about what he is and what he does.

In the next part, Chavo makes the blinds go aside as he moves the wardrobe away, so that he could open up the window and put a green space shuttle on a fishing rod on the window when he closed the window and put the wardobe back where it was. Then he called the doctor to let him see the flying object out of the window when he smacked the doctor with a rubber hammer, that was from the Red Grasshopper and the doctors memories came back again.



  • From the beggining to the very end, the doctor was holding a small bag in his hands.
  • In his phone call, he said to the person that was calling him, that he has to stick out his tounge and looked at the ear listener and made some opinions when he put the telephone down.
  • After Chavo said something about him, the doctor came to him and waved his bag near Chavo's face.
  • When Chavo cured the doctor with a smack, he asks why does his head hurts soo badly.
  • Chavo asked the doctor about, if he could have the skeleton, and the doctor approved.
  • He is seen the same way as in the series.