About him

The Red Grasshopper is a character in El Chavo. He is the star of his own series. He is seen in a red grasshopper suit, with yellow pants and a rubber hammer.

In the game

The Red Grasshopper was seen in the park, when Chavo needed some help to taim the dog that was growling at the cat, that was on the tree. The Grasshopper then heared Chavo's needs for help and he came out of the bushes, but as he jumped out of it, he hit the arm on the chair and fell on the ground.

As the the Red Grasshopper talked to the boy about the dog, he went to it by himself over the red line, but when he did that, the dog turned on to him and growled, making Grasshopper jump back. Then he went back and was thinking of a plan.

When Chavo went to the Grasshopper again, the man in the suit asked him, if he saved the cat, as then his little vinyl antennae moving and finding a signal of a destress. And when he wanted to go, a peeled banana drops near of his feet and the Grasshopper slipped on it and was slipping on it as his arms were moving all around as he went.



  • When Chavo saw Grasshopper down, he asked him, if he is alright, when Grasshopper said that he did it on purpose if there were any ants nest nearby and all of his movements were coldly calculated.
  • Chavo asked the Grasshopper, when he was thinking of a solution, if he had any shrinking pills near by and the man in the suit gave him the pill.
  • When his antennas were moving, he said, that he was detecting a presence of an enemy in the next neighbourhood.
  • As he was slipping on the banana peel, he lost his rubber hammer.
  • The Red Grasshopper was the same as in the series.