About her

The Witch wears a long-sleeved black robe with a brown ring in the middle, and maroon boots. She is incredibly tall and thin, and this likely caused poor balance, which may explain her outrageous hunchback and her need for a cane. She has a long chin, and long black hair which covers her left eye. As she is a witch, she possesses many magical powers. She initially demonstrates that she can move an object or entity through space using the spell Razzamafoo.

In the game

In Adventure Time, she was seen in her garden of donuts, when Finn gives her a broom with a electric propeler and when she hops on it, she immediately starts to fly away and above the garden.



  • She was seen equal as in the cartoon.
  • When she hopped on the broom, we couldn't see that she left the cane on the floor and neighter it was shown when she flew away.
  • Also, her hair was floathing behing her when she flied.

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