About him

Luis Fernando Flores, better known as Fernanfloo is a YouTuber and gamer of Salvadoran origin. He began his career on YouTube at age 18, and is currently 23 years. He was born on July 8, 1993. His gameplays mainly deal any comment how his personality, often very funny videos the way he edits them, making it much more entertaining and funny when viewed. He also makes vlogs, challenges, questions and answers, but to a lesser extent than the gameplays. Fernanfloo currently has over 14 million subscribers and a diamond button of YouTube.

In the game

In his trailer game, he was seen in his room, where he was broadcasting live to the people of YouTube. He was then attacked by Foxy and was seen in an abandoned building, where Pigsaw showed up.

In the game, he had to get out from the building, and save his dog Curly. At the abandoned building, he meets Pigsaw and saw his beloved dog Curly, that has been trapped in a small animal jail. He had to add and subtract the numbers that were written on a paper, to use it for locking the giant chiwawa. He meet Leonardo, the Inkagame winner, and used his help to destroy Mangle. He went to two different planets to seek help. At the end of the game, he freed his dog and both of them went from the building.



  • Fernanfloo was seen the same as on the pictures (or the picture in the box, up).
  • In his videos he often speaks with Spanish swear words.
  • In the trailer, the people of YouTube were giving him questions, and he could answer them.
  • When he read that Foxy has opened the closet's door, he looks back, but could't see him. When they mentioned that the animatronic has open the doors again, he didn't believed them, saying, that the Fernan the Crack never falls twice for the same joke.
  • He had villains from his favorite shows and video games.
  • Also the Ironman suit didn't had any more energy, so in his objects, the two suits weren't seen anymore.
  • He along with ITownGamePlay, BersGamer and HolaSoyGerman do team gameplays. They call themselves "The Band".