About it

It is a head that floats in mid air. And it is a human head.

In the game

In Crazy Haunted House, the floathing head was slepping, but in the time it woke up, it looks at the mirror and was scared.



  • In Crazy Haunted House, Chavo had 3 seconds to use the mirror against him.
  • The floathing head is a male's head.
  • As it looks into the mirror, it's hair raised up, his eyeballs popped out as well as his long tounge. Then it stopped and started shivering until it disapeared.
  • The floathing head had light orange messy hair, a large down-pointy nose, and was seen a bit old.
  • At the beginning, it was seen that it's lips were moving, as it was snoring.
  • Chavo holded up the mirror, and his face was behind the mirror, while his eyes were closed.
  • As the head then slowly vanished away, Chavo commented about it, as he put the word 'her' in his sentence - meaning that it was a she, or the creators made a mistake.