Gender Male
Home Unknown
Relatives Pigsaw (in game)
Enemies Courage
Seen in games 1 time

About him

Fred is Eustace and Muriel's nephew. Fred wears an olive suit with a purple necktie and always carries a briefcase, which holds his precious razor. He has blonde hair and blonde eye-brows with green eyes and a big yet freaky smile.

In the game

In Courage's game, he was seen in the bathroom and waited for Courage behind the doors. But in some moments, he was blast and defeated.



  • In Courage's game, he was seen the same as in the series.
  • Courage put in the bathroom a doll that looked like him, but was filled with nytroglicerine. The doll only had different eyes - they were yellow.
  • When Fred was alone with the Courage doll, he had in his hands his razor, as a freaky smile on his face.
  • As Fred was then alone with the doll, seconds passed as there was a large explosion, smoke cam out a bit and the door opened itself. Fred was seen with his head on the toilet seat with red skin, strange hair-doe, his clothes burned and a bit ripped, as well as some of his teeth were missing.
  • After the explosion the room was also very much destroyed.

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