About him

Frog looks mostly like a normal frog. He has yellow eyes with dark yellow pupils shaped like plus signs. He is the guard and a portal to Lumpy Space. He always asks for the right password.

In the game

At the game, he was at first invisible, but was enough visible to see him how he sits on the mushroom. With the potion of Princess Bubblegum, Finn pours on him the potion that makes the frog appear. As Finn asks him why he is here, he tells him, that he is a portal to Lumpy Space, but he has to tell him the right password. After Finn correctly says the answer, he got's eaten by the Frog and was appeared at Lumpy Space.



  • In the game he was written as a Toad.
  • The frog, shouldn't told him the secret, but as he said to Finn, that he was a nice guy and he told him to ask Princess Bubblegum for the right password, because she mostly uses the portal.

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