Game description

Help Fry rescue Leela!


Hero: Fry

Victims: Leela

Villains: An extra ordianry animal, Robot Santa Claus, dog, robot reindeers, robot devil, roberto, pigsaw

Others: Scruffy, a dog, elfs, Mauricio Salcedo, Amy, professor, capitan Zapp Brannigan, Hermes, bender, a baby creature, John Zoidberg, the car driver


  • Mauricio Salcedo is the new Inka Game winner.
  • There were heads of celebrity's in the museum.
  • The trailer revield, that the game was in year 3000, in New New York.
  • At the end, Pigsaw spoils the mechanic of the upcoming Youtubers Saw Game series
Futurama Saw Game Full Walkthrough Complete

Futurama Saw Game Full Walkthrough Complete

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