About him

He is a tall man with light orange skin, blue large freckles on his left side, couple of hair on his head, lazy eyes, long arms, purple one-piece work cloth, and red-orange-yellow shoes.

In the game

In Courage's game he was seen near a large gas tank. Courage had to mind control him to get the gas.

In Crazy Tale, the giant was sleeping on his chair.



  • The giant is not in Courage's series.
  • The giant was almost 6 feat tall, the same hight was the gas tank.
  • Courage had to lean the ladder on the tank, go near the giants head and put the mind control helmet onto his head.
  • When the helmet was on the giants head, his eyes were wide opened and green.
  • Courage then could contol the giant to fill up the gallon jug.

  • In Crazy Tale, the giant had orange hair, mustache and beard, a dark green T-shirt and a light green under shirt with an olive color belt around his large belly, violet pants and dark pink boots.
  • When Obama put the magical bean on the ground, that was marked X and started to water it, the bean started to grow in a beanstalk.
  • Next to the beanstalk was sign, that showed, that above the X mark, there would be a castle on the clouds.
  • After Obama climbed to the large castle, he could only see a bit of the brick house and large front doors that had a small crack in it. It was enough wide to go inside the castle.
  • Obama had to rescue a chicken that was on the giant table.
  • The inside of the castle had only a chair, that the giant sat on and a massive table with the chicken and bread on it.
  • The giants mouth and belly were moving.
  • The part of the Fairy Tale was from: Jack and the Beanstalk.

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