About it

Goats are NPCs in Goat Simulator. All goats (except for Pilgor) will stand still without moving, except the goats in the goat fighting ring and the ones in Goat Castle, even though they only bow when Pilgor walks by.

In the game

In German's game, it was quickly defeated, when it boings back and hits the wall.

German puts the metal posts on each side of the iron doors and puts between them an elastic band. The solution for this, was aldo shown on the wall. When German grabs the can of worms, the iron doors lift up, the goat runed fast out and was in hold by the net, and boinged back where he came from. It was seen, that the goat ran into the wall, as the blue topping drops on the floor, and seeing a bit of the bricks. As the goat was deffeated, his red tounge was out.



  • In German's game, it had white fur, gray hoves, and light brown horns.
  • The posts and net disappered in an instant when German said his last sentence.
  • In the room, there was a large concrete mixer and a remote control for the mixer.

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