Game description

Help the Grinch rescue Cindy Lou!


Hero: Grinch

Victims: Cindy Lou Who

Villains: Krampus, Pigsaw

Others: Max, John Andre Coavoy Cacsire, Mayor, a sad Who, a guy with a cat, a Who in a small car, Martha May, manager of the Post Office, a woodpecker.


  • John Andre Coavoy Cacsire is the new winner of the Inka Games contest, he won the imitating Town contest.
  • John Andre helped Grinch at many things.
  • Krampus turned then to a little white goat.
  • Pigsaw didn't greet the player a Merry Christmas as he said he would.
Grinch Saw Game walkthrough Inkagames10:21

Grinch Saw Game walkthrough Inkagames

Link of the gamer: AllGamesWorldHd 
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