Obama has to defeat Bush and escape the prison he is locked in.


Hero: Obama

Villans: Bush, Fulminator, Bush's minions - Pancho y Poncho, The Death.

Others: Rambo, Jack Sparrow, Yoda


  • In the game Bush puts on a mask (a Obama mask), so that he would rule the world, and place the real Obama in the Guantanamo prison.
  • In this game Bush had 2 henchmen and were seen twice.
  • In the end, Bush confeses that it was Pigsaw's plan about it all along and that everything is going exactly as planned.
Obama Guantanamo Escape walkthough06:48

Obama Guantanamo Escape walkthough

Previous game:
Miley Cyrus Rescue
Next game:
Pigsaw Revenge

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