About him

Hermes Conrad is a Grade 34 Jamaican bureaucrat and the accountant at Planet Express. He has brown culy hair, glasses, green jacket and pants, light yellow shirt, brown belt and red shoes.

In the game

In the game, he was standing on the street, where Fry talked to him. But for joining him, he had to pay him.

As Fry asked him, what he was doing, Hermes said nothing. When Fry asked him, if he would join him to save Leeila, he asked if he is going to be payed. He also said, that he never mix friendship with buisness. When he was asked again, the same question, Hermes asked if he had money with him. And also that there were recently rumors, that Fry was broke. When Fry said how much money he has with him (500 $), Hermes was in a shock. He also asked, who should he kill. As he was then taken with Fry, he was placed by The Inferno, where he was told his instructions. Fry then gave him a walkie talkie, and said that when Fry says NOW, he should walk through the door. Hermes, at the word, slides down the slide and pushes Diablo in the molting lava. He then came to Bender, where the three of them fly out from the club. As Hermes came out, he said to Fry, that he will go to sleep, and went.



  • In the game, he was seen the same as in the series.

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