Inkagames English Wiki ​is a wiki about all the games by Inkagames and was created on April 20, 2013 by Supermario63.

The first game that the Inka Team build was Laura, go away. But in the days that came, they made their first arcade game which name was: Operation Petrogate. As time passed they made some mini games, adventure, escape and rescue games. From then on other games like it were made and also have a known villain named Pigsaw.

Pigsaw is very similar to Billy(also Jigsaw), from the Saw movies , same face and body, same point for his game, but a different name.

In his Saw Games, he kidnaps heroes, that fans decide (ex: Obama, Spongebob..), and sometimes he uses his partner Pigface, or goes by himself. He then makes them all play his wicked game, where they need to get out from the building, but need to go through the villains that are in each room. In (saw game) Inka Team thought of having fans in the game, as helpers to the hero. The fans were then showed up in every game; as on Facebook - on their site - the Inka Team make some contests and one or two fans that were the best of them all, make them in the game. They are also called: Inkagame Winners. Sometimes in the Saw Games there are also captives, that heroes need to rescue. In every game there are some funny parts, that makes the game even more interesting.

We still do not know much who the Inka Team are, and how many of them are in their club. But we all want to have that information in this Wiki. If you have any info about contact or any info's about them, please contact -> the admin.

In the Wiki, we are adding characters, games and other things with describtion that goes with it; and when we are doing games, we add walkthrough videos, and to every character their picture. 

This Wiki is also adopted by Valentin girl and made a blog for fans on Comunity Central for fans to come to the Wiki.    

And do please follow the rules.    

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