Game description

Justin needs to free his girlfriend, Selena, so that both of them could escape from Pigsaw.

Justin bieber


Hero: Justin Bieber.

Victims: His girlfriend (Selena Gomez)

Villains: Pigsaw, Giant spider, Chuck Norris, a Rocky Balboa robot, Bizarro, Ronald McDonald.

Other: Pigsaw controllable robot.


  • In this game, Pigsaw can move his mouth as he can 'machanical' speak.
  • He hypnotize Chuck into a puppet and could control him - Chuck made a hole on the steel doors with his beard.
  • Justin had to know which card is Pigsaw holding.
  • In the end he had to jump on a trampoline and hit the basket, basketball and to make some colors on a square, before he could save Selena.
  • This is the last game where Pigsaw has voice.
Justin Bieber Saw Game - Inkagames05:29

Justin Bieber Saw Game - Inkagames

Link of the creator of the video: Escape Gameplays
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