Game description

Katy Perry has been kidnapped in Egipt, Cody Jones - the detective, has to save her.


Hero: Cody Jones

Victims: Katy Perry

Villains: King Scorpion, mummy, Anubis, skelleton, Yeti, crocodile, Imothep

Others: A salesman, a tourist


  • The combination - in the piramid - has the numbers in hieroglyphics.
  • When Anubis looks at a black cat, he turns to stone.
  • The Yeti was cursed by Imothep.
  • There are lots of statues in the game and some could be controled.
  • In the game, Katy Perry had her hair, blue.
Katy Perry Rescue Walkthrough10:26

Katy Perry Rescue Walkthrough

Link of the gamer: Escape Gameplays
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