About him

King Kai, or North Kai, is the king of the North Area. He is Goku's martial arts teacher and mentor.

King Kai wears Teashade sunglasses, and owns a Red 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop. He has a very short stature and has a pair of cricket-like antennae, which he uses to have psychic conversations with others across the universe.

In the game

In Fernanfloo's game, he was seen in his own planet, where he was sad because his car broke down. But was happy when Fernan fixed his car again.

Fernan visits him in Planet of North Kaiosama, where it was a green planet with some trees, a road going all the way of the planet, a red car, and two houses. Kai was standing near his car, which it's hood was opened. He told Fernan why his car isn't working. Later then Fernan put a battery in the car, and put down it's hood. Kai gave Fernan Goku's suit which also absorbed his ki. He also said, if he will use it, he will be as powerfull as Goku. Kai then went into his car and drove away.



  • In Fernanfloo's game he is the same as in the anime.
  • King Kai was also named as Kaiosama.

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