Game description

You're the Snipper and you have to shoot some gangsters and put them in hell.


Hero: Snipper

Villains: Purga, Chamo, Espia Monse, Laura Chozzo, Pinocha Robapulmon, Congresista ComePollo, Unnamed Raccoon dressed man


  • This game uses the same mechanic of the shooting part of Obama and Michael.
  • Laura Chozzo is a parody of Laura Bozzo a Mexican TV presentator
  • This is the first game since Save Gaza to be based on a real life scandal. This will be later followed by Kim Dotcom Prison Break which is based on the arrest of Megaupload's founder Kim Dotcom.
  • In this game, the user picks one of four different levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Impossible.
  • In this game, the character (just) has to shot his enemies.
Laura, go away! Inkagames Walkthrough

Laura, go away! Inkagames Walkthrough

Link of the gamer: Luh Fernandez

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