Le Quack
Le Quack

Gender Male
Home Unknown
Relatives Pigsaw (in game)
Enemies Courage
Seen in games 1 time

About him

Le Quack (French for The Quack) is a French con artist duck who is always trying to score a fortune. He has white colored feathers, blue hair, as well as his butterfly, orange beak and a bit of a dark red neck. He also has light blue eyes with pupils.

In the game

In Courage's game, Le Quack was hidding in a drawers, waiting to whack Courage if he takes the items on the ground (a skull and the Golden piece) but Courage use wood, hammer and nail and lock the drawer so Le Quack couldn't come out.



  • Le Quack wasn't seen in the game, but if the player would just grabbed the items that were on the ground, Le Quack would be then seen the same as in the series.
  • With him, in the drawers, he had a big hammer.
  • Le Quack was hidding in the middle drawer. When Courage took the items, the middle drawer was moving/wanted to open.

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