Game description

The evil Pigsaw is back and will force Lisa to play his twisted game.


Hero: lisa

Villians: Kang, bullies(Jimbo, Kurney, Dolph, Francine), mutant pumpkin, Joker, Burns' dog , Chucky, Itchy and Scratchy, Krusty doll.

Others: Professor Frank, Milhaus, Mr. Bumbelbee (a ballon seller), Principal Skinner, Willie, Ralph, Lady Gaga, Apu, Sherry and Terry, a guard, Leopold (pig), mr. Murphy, Major Quimby, comic seller guy.


In the end of the game Lisa had to solve a math problem and type the correct code into a keylock.
Lisa Simpson Saw Game - Walkthrough

Lisa Simpson Saw Game - Walkthrough

Link of the creator of the video: Escape Gameplays
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