About him

Lou Lou Who is the father of Cindy Lou Who and her 2 brothers and the husband of Betty Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

In the game

In Grinch's game, the Grinch askes the man why is he standing here, as the man said, that he is responsible for the Post Office of Villa-Who, and since he is on a strike he hasn't gone to work. The Grinch asked, if there isn't anyone at the Office wouldn't he be affraid if someone would have break in, as the answer was, that he isn't as it is locked. Grinch wanted to have the key so he would make sure everything is alright, and the man refused and remembered of what happened the previous year. Grinch replied, that anyone can make a mistake once and left Lou alone.

The Grinch came back wearing a Santa Claus costume, as the manager asked him, what does Santa do here and if he brought him a present. Santa said that his elves told him, that he was bad this year so he won't get a gift. The man asked Santa if it is a crime to go on a strike demanding for better benefits, when Santa approves it and comments that Nort Pole has very strickt rules. He then asked the man, if he would give the key, so he would verify if everything is in order. As Grinch convienced him, he gave him the key to the Post Office.



  • In Grinch's game, he was equaly the same as in the movie.
  • When the player points at him, his name was: Manager of the Post Office.
  • As Lou doubt at Santa, because he had a green face and green feet, Santa comments, that it happens when you eat a lot of vegetables.
  • Lou gaved Grinch a golden key which he opens the Post Office.
  • After he gave up the key, he said that he will take a nap and thank Santa for varify his Office. After he went inside his house, the Grinch took off the costume.
  • Lou is the neigboor of Martha. His house is bigger then hers, and is painted in purple, with pink and golden nails. His front doors were opened as he was outside, but were closed when he went in.