Now it's Maggie's turn to play Pigsaw's evil game.


Hero: Maggie

Victims: Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa

Villains: Baby Gerald, an evil doll, two guards, Pigsaw

Others: A girl with an Ipad, a girl who like books, a boy with chemistry kit, a boy with painting kit, five boy riding toy car, some kids painting, a boy with box on head, a boy painting on wall


  • All the babies that were in the nursery were characters from Simpson's.
  • For the use of the phone there weren't numbers, but shapes of toys.
  • At the end, Pigsaw revealed that he never kidnapped Maggie's family because he can't do that for a little girl.
  • In the end, Marge wondered how did Maggie came out and said, that she is not going to bring her back in the nursery again.
Maggie Saw Game Walkthrough08:48

Maggie Saw Game Walkthrough

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Cody Halloween Rescue
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Cody Jones Chocolate Factory

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