Man eating plant
Man eating plant

Gender Unknown
Home Unknown
Relatives None
Enemies Chavo (in games)
Seen in games 1 time

About it

A meat-eating plant is attractive to the eye but dangerous when approached.

In games

In Crazy Haunted House, it wanted to ate Chavo, but instead of him, it ate a bomb making it's head explode.



  • In Crazy Haunted House, it had a light green head with sharp teeth and a dark green vine like body and was in a light-dark brown pot.
  • As Chavo wanted to grab the stone, that was on the floor, the plant's head shook a bit as Chavo had just a second to interact, moving a bomb above his head and letting the plant eat it.
  • The bomb was without fire when the plant ate it.
  • Chavo then grab the stone, the vine that was the body of the plant, the pot, and a ring that was attached to the table and had to use the shovel to get it out.

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