About him

The Marauders are a group of large, buff, blue, male humanoids that enjoy rough-housing, and lived together in the Marauder Village.

In the game

In the game, we saw the one and only Marauder infront of the Mountain Man. He was first seen very lumpy, because he was bitten by a lumpy and was transformed as one. After Finn brings to him the antidonte against lumps, that the man sits on it and was normal again.



  • The Marauder was seen equal as in the cartoon, but his skin color in the game is pink, while in the cartoon they are all blue.
  • The Marauder's are a fighting group, but in the game, there was no fight to be seen.
  • And in the game it is seen, that it was the leader of all of the group, that was only seen.

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