Game description

Marge saw


Hero: marge

Villains: pigsaw, aliens( Kang, Kodos), Snake, crazy texan shooter , count Burns, spider Willy, devil Fanders.

Others: Moe, Barney, comic salesman, Tom Hanks, professor Frink, Milhouse, Tommy Lee Jones, the cat lady, kid(Manu Gomez), Mr. Smithers, Stephen Hawking, Apu, bumblebee man, God.


  •  Marge, in Inkagames, had to transform into Lisa with profesor Frank's machine.
  • In this game, she met Stephen Haukings, all the Simpson's friends, aliens, a cowboy, spider Willy, God and Devil.
  • In the first minutes of the game, Marge could go in the kitchen, up to Lisa's and Bart's room, (as Lisa could do) but in: Homer saw game, he couldn't go up to their rooms, while Lisa couldn't go to the kitchen.
  • As in the three Simpson's saw games (Bart, Homer, Lisa), their families were kiddnaped by the same person: Pigsaw.
  • When Marge saw the kid, that could help her) he said, he was a winer from Inkagames clay contest- Manu Gomez. 
This is the first simpson saw game not to include Santa's little helper.
Solution Marge Simpson Saw Game - Walkthrough24:44

Solution Marge Simpson Saw Game - Walkthrough.

Link of the creator of the video: BestOnlineEscapeGames
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