About her

Martha May Whovier is the love interest of The Grinch and Mayor Augustus Maywho.

In the game

In Grinch's game, she was seen near her house and was angry of Grinch, because he didn't show to their date that was yesterday. She was more angry when Grinch asked her, if they had a date, and said, if he forgets it, it means that she is not immportant to him and didn't wanted to talk to him again.

After giving her flowers, in hope that her heart will soft a bit, she madly asked him if a simple buoquet of flowers will let her forgive him. And as he thought it would, she said that he was right, loving the flowers and gives him a kiss. He even told him, that she will see him tomorrow at dinner.



  • In Grinch's game, she had blond hair with small ribbons around, green necklace, light red top and green skirt.
  • Her house was beautifuly made, and had light blue, blue and pink colors, with golden nails attached around. Her front doors were opened as she was outside, but when she went inside, she closes them.
  • After she went, she left a blue key, that would open a green house.
  • When she went inside her house, the Grinch commented, that she is at his feet.
  • Her neigboor was Lou Lou Who.