About him

Max is the dog and companion of The Grinch, originally appearing in the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Max is also a prominent character in the television special, the film adaptation and the musical adaptation. He has brown curved ears and tan fur.

In the game

In Grinch's game, Max helped Grinch by roaring into a speaker of a large made monster.

The Grinch placed the large monster behind the Mayor and places Max behind the speaker. Grinch told him, when he hears the word MONSTER he must roar the loudest he ever done. In reply, Max nods. Grinch also said, that he needs to be fierce and get ready for the roar, and Max made a fierce expression. When the word was spoken, Max roared in the speaker of the large monster and made the Mayor scared. As Grinch thank Max for his good work, also smiling, Max left the scene. Grinch then commented, that he left, and at least he helped him got rid of the Mayor, and making a slight angry expression. 



  • In the trailer, he was seen first sleeping next to Grinch, and then waking up in the same time as his master. He had large eyes when he saw Pigsaw in the TV. He was also taken by the Grinch in the short demo mode.
  • In Grinch's game, he was seen having more light fur and ears then in the cartoon and movie, and also the 'horn' was short.