About him

Mayor Augustus May Who is the mayor of Whoville and the main antagonist in the film, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. He is in no way connected the Mayor of Whoville from Horton Hears a Who!.

In the game

In Grinch's game, he was nagging him with the past, but the Grinch played with him, with a bit of scare.

The Grinch asks him, if he always uses ridiculous hairstyles, as the Mayor then commented, that he wouldn't say they are 'ridiculous', but that the Grinch doesn't know anything about the latest trends. But Grinch said, that they are called 'trends' now. Then Grinch then asks him, if he has a gift for him, and was shocked when the Mayor said, he has a gift for him, a perfect gift. A gift that will make him remember his childhood. As Grinch asked what is it, the Mayor gives him a razor. He also says, that he remembers at school the Grinch wanted to shave because he wanted Martha May to see him with less hair and he cuts his face. The Grinch then commented, that he should not expect him to give a thank. As then, the Grinch said to the Mayor, that there was a monster behind him, but the Mayor didn't bought it, as well as the Grinch said, he wasn't joking and that there is a monster behind him. The Mayor refuses again, when Grinch said, that he is a coward and he doesn't want to turn and to see. The Mayor told him, that he was no coward, and he will only prove that he is no coward. Grinch said, he should do that so he will see that there is a monster. When the Mayor turns around, he sees the face of the monster and roaring at him. The Mayor jumped out of fright and flee from the post office he was standing next to.



  • In Grinch's game, he was seen the same as in the movie.
  • When the Mayor turns around, to see if there was really a monster, he had a scared expression. Then when he jumped, he was obliquely, his hair up, tounge up, and his feet were turned up.
  • When the Mayor saw the monster, it's head pop up on the entire screen with it's evil expression.