Game description

Both Messi and Cristiano are trapped in two rooms, they will have to play together in order to survive Pigsaw's game.


Heroes: Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo

Villains: Green monster, the fish bully, Hulk, Frankenstein

Others: Pigsaw dummy


  • This is the first game, where two characters are played as one. And is the second game of Messi and Ronaldo - but not as a Saw game.
  • Ronaldo had to get a keyboard for Messi (plus the code), so that he would be in the next room.
  • The two help each other with the parts they find.
  • Ronaldo had to play a video game - move the footballs in the goll, so that the doors could open.
  • Messi had to play a video game - throwing the footballs into the tubes.
  • Atthe games end, they both had to help and do things in order to get the cup and to get out.
  • In the end Pigsaw said, that don't know that the cup is fake.
Messi & CR7 Saw Game Walkthrough10:43

Messi & CR7 Saw Game Walkthrough

Link of the gamer: Tricera Gamez
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