Game description

Miley Cyrus Rescue is a game in Inkagames. Miley Cyrus has been kidnapped and Cody Jones has to save her.


Hero: Cody Jones

Victims: Miley Cyrus

Villains: Gremlins, dinosaur, dinosaurs, armed colony, Werewolf, Frankenstein, Dracula, Sharks, Gorila, Black Hat - wizard

Others: Zombie gentleman, skeleton/cashier, an old man, a frightened werewolf/Woody Allen, Billy Ray Cyrus.


  • This is the first game, that Cody Jones is in.
  • The game had a half of (sort of) Halloween special.
Miley Cyrus Rescue Walkthrough12:34

Miley Cyrus Rescue Walkthrough

Link of the gamer: Escape Gameplays
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