About her

Miriam Forcible, or better known as Miss Forcible, is a retired burlesque actress along with Miss Spink, whom she shares the bottom flat of the Pink Palace with.

Unlike Miss Spink, Miss Forcible is the less intelligent one of the duo. She constantly argues with April about who's right and wrong, and craves attention. Miriam Forcible is taller and has a well-endowed bust. She is curvier, has short pale hair and pale blue eyes decorated with teal eye shadow.

In the game

In Coraline's adventure game, she was seen with Miss Spink in their room playing cards together.

In the second part, she gaved her a triangle stone for seeing some hidden objects.



  • In Coraline's game, she was seen equal as in the movie.
  • She gave Coraline a brush, because she was very kind to bring a Scottie dog on their shelf, and she also told her about some lock that was behind the painting.
  • She was seen at the end of the game with other characters from the game, she even had a purple hat on her head.