Moe Szyslak

Gender Male
Home Springfield
Relatives His friends
Enemies The Simpsons

Bart (in game)

Seen in games 1 time

About him

Morris "Moe" Szyslak (pronounced "siz-lack"), also known as Moe the Bartender, is the proprietor and bartender of "Moe's Tavern", a Springfield bar frequented by Homer Simpson and his friends. He has once stated that he moved to Springfield from the Netherlands. He also owns Moe's Bagels in Colorado. He has grey hair, light blue T-shirt, dark blue apron and the same colored butterfly, grey trausers, and grey-blue shoes.

In the game

In Bart's game, we saw him in a room, that resembels as his tavern. He got a call from someone, that he didn't recognize, that said, that the building is on fire. After he smelled the fire burning (that was just papers burning in a corb near the ventilation sistem), he ran out and tripped on the skate board, that Bart put it there.



  • He was seen normal.
  • Behind the bar, Moe had a Pigsaw copy or a dummy.
  • In his little tavern, he had only three drinks, a beer glass, a cashier, telephone, a refrigerator, a dart game and a propeler on the ceilling.

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