About him

Sergei Alexander Bobinsky, otherwise known as Mr. B or (as he prefers) it Mr. Bobinsky, is Coraline's Russian neighbor who lives in the upstairs flat of the Pink Palace Apartments. He owns a jumping mice circus; Coraline assumes he is crazy and her mother believes that he's a drunk.

Mr. Bobinsky is a blue-skinned, extremely tall, Russian man; while not explained in the film, his blue skin is due to his constant time outside in the damp and cold weather. Despite his mostly blue complexion, his nose and chin are tinted violet. His body shape is inconsistent; while he is tall and mostly skinny, he has a noticeably large stomach. His body is also disproportionate, as his eyes and mouth are much smaller than the other aspects of his face. In addition, he wears an orange, terribly stained wife-beater, shorts, and black marching boots. He has a long, untamed moustache, hairy shoulders and armpits, bushy eyebrows, and a hairy area below the navel.

In the game

In Coraline's adventure game he was seen in the next morning on his balcony, and told Coraline that he forgot the password to his lock.



  • In Coraline's game he was first seen on the top of the roof of the house, jogging.
  • He said that he only remembers that he was standing in the backyard of her house, near the garden, looking at the landscape when he comes up with a code for his lock system.
  • The code to his lock system was 34158.
  • Coraline brought and gaved him a package that was delivered by the mailman.
  • As Coraline went down the stairs, she was quickly called back up from Mr. Bobbinsky that told her a secret what the mice said about the doors that lead to the other world. As then he swings from his balcony off, leaving the doors to his home open.
  • In the end of the game, he was seen in the yard party with the other characters.