Gender Male
Home Spain
Relatives Lele (girlfriend)
Enemies Pigsaw (in game)
Seen in games 2 times

About him

Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranís was born on April 25, 1990  (Currently 26), in the city of Copiapó, Chile. HolaSoyGerman (in his youtube chanel) is a Chilean youtuber dedicated to vlogs on different topics and gameplays on his secondary channel. It is the most famous youtuber of the Hispanic community and the second with more subscribers of the world, after PewDiePie. It currently has more than 30 million subscribers.

He currently maintains a relationship with Lenay "lele". He has black hair, brown eyes.

In the games

In his own game, he had to rescue his beloved Mimi from the evilish Puppet.



  • In the trailer, he was in his room, sitting on his chair, and answering questions from his fans through the camera, live.
  • He made a bet for the fans, that he bets they have only one door in their house - and as there was silence, he won the bet.
  • He was asked, where was Mimi, and said that she was there an hour ago, and that maybe she was playing some where else in the house.
  • He also showed his closet, as he was asked, and opened it up, where everyone would see his things: a Forever Alone cuison; an Ipad - which he has to record a game, and he stores it there, because he doesn't record every day; glue - which he glued the sound insulating boards on his walls; Post-Its - helps him to organize and not to forget important things, but he forgets anyways; spry - when his throath hurts; and extra wires - if the ones that he is using, get damaged.
  • As the fans told him, that Charlie Charlie was in his wardrobe, he was shocked and turned around, but did not see the bear. He then turns around to his fans and laughed at the joke they made. The fans wanted him to turn himself again, but he did not fall for the same thing twice, he also commented, that the bear does not dare to come, because German taught him a lesson. Then he was smacked on the head and falls on the ground, his feet and arms expanded, and his tounge was out.
  • He was then seen in an abandoned room, where the TV powered up and he could see Pigsaw. As he didn't wanted to play anything, he then saw his dog Mimi, with her left back leg chained to a large metal ball.
  • In his own game, he sees his girlfriend. She helped him with a problem, which then turns into a romantic moment. They both could hear a nice melody, but it ends when Emma came to the room. He also got a kiss from Lele on the right cheek, making him freeze and fell on the floor, as then he picks himself up and commented, that it was Kawaii.
  • German breaks the fourth wall when he says "an arrow has appeared" after defeating the Zombie Nurse and the Boogieman.
  • In the maze, there was also an airport, which he had to get his bag.
  • The book, he picked from his suit case, had German in real life.
  • He painted the elevator with colors and made trees and mountains, because he was affraid of small spaces - clostrofobic.
  • When he get Mimi back, he thank the fans for helping him, and that they are the best. He then made one last bet before he left saying, that he bets his shoes the player has finished his game. He then said, that woth the players Forever Alone face, he realizes he won the bet. He also commented, that the player should not forget to subscribe to his YouTube: "JuegaGerman" and on his band channel: "Ancud". German gave a psychological hug and hopes to see the player in his next video.

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