The Nurse
Nurse 1

Gender Female
Home Unknown
Relatives Doctor
Enemies None
Seen in games 1 time

About her

She is unknown yet in Chavo's series, but she is working with Doctor Chapatin.

In the game

She was near the doctor and the pacient, when Chavo arrived in the room. When the doctor had the time, the nurse said somethings to the doctor as she then shocks, when she saw that the bowling ball landed on the doctors head and clearing all of his memories. 



  • She was still only in one point and she didn't moved as well as she didn't moved her body, except her face.
  • She has curly black hair, when on top of them she had a nurse's hat and a blue-green dress for nurses and white shoes.
  • Chavo told to the nurse about the idea of hitting the doctor on his head again, so that he would get his memories back again. He also said, that he saw that on the Red Grasshopper serie.
  • The nurse told the doctor the short story of how Chavo brought back his memories.

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